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Capri Vacation Packages

Capri has long been one of Europe's most beloved escapes, appealing to Roman emperors and the glitterati alike. You'll feel like a celebrity when you journey to the island by boat or helicopter, taking in the limestone sea stacks dominating the landscape.  Travel by boat through the three-foot-high cave mouth into the spectacular Blue Grotto, a stunning display of sapphire-hued water suurrounded by stone walls. The architecture of Capri complements the islands natural beauty and much of what we consider to be typical and home made Mediterrean buildings can be seen here in the older quarters of the town.  Not only will you find beautiful stores here in Capri, but also there are plenty of moulded arches, domes, narrow streets and stairways to explore.

Take a taxi up to Ana Capri.  Whilst also elegant Ana Capri has more of a rustic air to it and here you will see many olive trees, surrounding vineyards and a more simple Moorish style of architecture, as well as the main areas. You can visit the Piazza San Nicola and its 18th century Church of San Michele, the Church of Santa Sofia and from Piazza Vittoria you
can head over to the Villa San Michele of Acel Munthe.

Travel tip:  We recommend taking a chair lift up Monte Solaro for sweeping views of the Faraglioni rock formations that jut out to sea. Or, for another easy form of transportation, take the funicular from the Marina Grande tot he center of Capri, climbing up hill past fragrant lemon groves.

The island of Capri, is known for its lemons.  Lemon trees are growing all over the island.  Lemoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur that is a must try!  You can purchase Limonvello in small,t travel-sized bottles that are easy to bring home as a gift. 

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