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Escorted Puglia Tours

Puglia is known as the long heel of Italy's boot. Only a few tour companies operate trips in this regoin which means no crowds.  In Puglia discover sights, tastes, and gorgeous seascapes you'll find nowhere else... like Matera, the "Subterranean City," where the Sassi houses are caverns and the streets are sometimes the roofs of other houses... Trulli houses, tiny fairy castles made of limestone slabs, built without mortar... Castel del Monte, a 13th-century citadel with a strange design and history. Discover Renaissance frescoes in Galatina. Stay multiple nights in "Masserias," fortified 16th-century farmhouses turned into elegant hotels. Enjoy wine and olive oil tastings at vineyards yet undiscovered by the maddening crowds... tours of a medieval castle enticing with soul-stirring views and wines... meals tempting with bounty of the sea and land, and stays at breathtaking masserias (farmhouses).

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