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Lucca Travel Packages

Lucca is a medieval walled city. The best way to experience Lucca is walking or biking.  Tours include the famous Via San Paolino, the statue of Giacomo Puccini (whilst we discuss this statue you will also learn about the life and works of Giacomo Puccini and his links to Lucca), you will visit the Piazza San Michele, the Cathedral of S. Martino whose exterior itself is a perfect introduction to its history and the picturesque setting of Piazza Napoleone.

Once you are in Piazza Napoleone we recommend you also see Palazzo Ducale as they should be seen together since the former became the backdrop for the place when it was totally modelled for Elisa Baciocchi in 1806. Passing also the famous Torre Giunigi and the Amphitheatre which was built outside the walls during the II century A.D the history and stories throughout the years here is amazing, the famous walls of the historical center of Lucca, (the walls along with the view of the Guinigi Tower is the most astounding site the city has to offer) and the Church of S. Frediano whose apse stands majestically and is seen from the walls.

The Church of S. Frediano which you will visit inside and out is the work of more than one century and it is considered to be one of the most interesting products of Romanesque architecture in Lucca.

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