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Milan Tour Vacations

Milan is a hidden gem, as it does not draw the same crowds as Rome, Florence or Venice. Milan is a city that arouses extreme feelings, just like the city lifestyle. Milan is always one step ahead: a laboratory of artistic experiments and a building site for social behavior that is continuously changing. City full of contradictions, ancient and modern, trends and counter-trends, fashion and underground, middle class and working class, but always simply “cool”.

Travel tips: There is a great deal to see and do in Milan, and the city is a wonderful gateway to Lake Como region, Turin, and many other areas. Sightseeing: Do not miss the Duomo, Milan's cathedral (3rd largest in Europe and a sight to behold - day and night). Visit the interior to get an idea of the grandeur of the space, and do not miss the rooftops, which are stunning - a series of staircases and terraces made of white marble, featuring hundreds of turrets topped by statues of saints and notables. The best time to visit the rooftop is at 9am when the rooftop opens. Buy a rooftop visit ticket at the kiosk facing the South (back) of the cathedral, and go straight to the elevator entrance. As the day progresses, the line gets longer and longer, as the elevator only holds 7 passengers. The views from the top of the cathedral are simply breathtaking.

The other star attraction is Da Vinci's Last Supper, at the Cenacolo at Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Because of the famous Dan Brown book 'The Da Vinci code' demand for visits have overwhelmed this small church. Getting tickets in advance to see 'The Last Supper' is essential. My advice is to book these as soon as your clients decide to go, as the site is booked months in advance. Our destination specialists, ICBellagio and IDI, can secure the confirmation for you (you visit at a specific hour./day only), and then you pick up the tickets at the window 15minutes prior to your visit. It's well worth the effort and Da Vinci's 'Last Supper' is one of Milan's most impressive works of art.

Dining: Milan has many exceptional restaurants. Two informal places that are convenient and central for sightseers are the restaurant on the top floor of La Rinascente Department store (facing the Duomo), or if you want lighter fare stop at Peck ( Via Spadari #9 near the Duomo), Milan's most famous deli and fine food store, which has a casual cafe on the 2nd floor.

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