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Independent Italy Travel Packages - Touring Italy On Your Own | Escorted Italy Tours

Independent Italy Travel Packages are more than just independent trips to Italy as they're more of a luxury without paying luxury prices; not anymore anyway...

An independent Italy travel package can consist of what is called a "Hosted Italy Tour Package" where you're partially guided as opposed to being on a regimented itinerary filled with stops. On a hosted trip to Italy, you're in one or more cities with a group of other travelers who are there when you're all a part of a sightseeing trip of the city you're in in order to help you acclimate to your surroundings. A guide is there part time between certain hours to help you navigate through the city. These Hosted Italy Tour Packages include hotel accommodations, transportation, breakfast every morning and a city tour in each city you're in.

Another type of independent Italy travel package is a custom trip to Italy where everything is customized from the hotel(s) to transportation, and sightseeing. Although custom travel packages are deemed luxurious by some, prices for these packages aren't or don't have to be. If you're interested in a customized trip to Italy, contact us for a quote!

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