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Turin Travel

Turin is the capital of Piedmont. Piedmont is the second largest region of Italy and lies at the foot of 3 Alps, the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy. It borders Switzerland and France and sweeps breathtaking landscapes, cultural infused gastronomy, well-preserved ancient villas, and medieval castles with stories to tell. Sprouting from the Austrian wars, Piedmont’s transformation began in Turin known for its architectures from the renaissance, baroque, neo-classical and art nouveau eras. Travelers can visit religious sites of the Sacri Monti, take a boat ride on Lake Como, ski the slopes of Bardonecchia, hike the Cesana Forest or gawk at the intricate details of La Venaria Reale.

Pragelato is a commune located in the Province of Turin in the Piedmont region of Italy. Pragelato is visited for its own Alpine ski areas, and is linked to the Via Lattea ski area. Ski slopes for all levels, cross-country skiing and ski jumps are enjoyed in the winter, and golf and hiking are popular activities in the summer.

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