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Types of Italy Tour Packages

Types of Italy Tour Packages

August 30, 2018

What Types of Italy Tour Packages are available?

People often envision a bus tour full of older people with walkers where you move at a slow pace and do not have any fun. That may have been true about bus tours many years ago, but they have come a long way. They know that Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials are looking for different things including more time in each destination, more immersive experiences, getting involved with locals and traveling responsibly just to name a few.

Although it can vary by company and itinerary, here are the main types of Italy tours that are currently available.

Italy Budget Tours

  • Tend to have 50 passengers per motorcoach
  • No washroom onboard
  • Hotels tend to be in the outskirts of each city
  • Breakfast is often included daily
  • Most tours include seeing the major sites in each city
  • Great for budget consumer or someone who has been to Italy before & wants transportation

    Some of the best Italy budget travel companies include Cosmos Budget Italy tours and Trafalgar Cost Saver Italy tours.

Italy First Class Tours

  • Tend to have 40 to 44 guests per motorcoach
  • Emergency washroom onboard
  • Hotels tend to be centrally located
  • Full breakfast is included daily
  • Some lunches & dinners are often included
  • Skip the line access in many popular sites
  • Extra experiences such as visiting a wine vineyard, olive field or other unique experience you wouldn't be able to normally do on your own

    The best first class tour companies include Globus Italy tours, Trafalgar Italy tours and Collette Italy tours.

Italy Deluxe Tours

  • Have less than 40 guests
  • Hotels are deluxe 4 & 5 star and centrally located
  • Most meals and sightseeing is included avoiding any additional on tour expenses

    The best choice for a deluxe tour is Tauck Italy tours.

Italy Luxury Tours

  • Have less than 30 guests & you can create a custom tour for just 2 passengers
  • All 5 star hotels
  • All meals and drinks are normally included
  • Exclusive experiences that a large group would not have access to

Italy Rail Tours

  • Hotels can range from budget to luxury
  • Transportation between cities can be 1st or 2nd class rail
  • Flexible travel dates
  • At least a half day of sightseeing in each city

Italy Small Group Tours

  • Tend to have 12 to 24 guests per group
  • More immersive experiences such as a private tour of the Doge Palace or Sistine Chapel after hours
  • 4+ star hotels
  • Most meals included
  • Some offer unique accommodations such as a villa stay

Italy for 18 to 35 year olds

  • Travel with people your own age

Other Italy Tours

  • There are several specialty type tours include Italy cruise tours that combine an ocean cruise with your visit, family tours, adventure trips and culinary tours that include cooking classes.